Motivation In A Tube

I haven't followed Project Runway for awhile. The only tidbits I know of, is what I hear in the office or after the season is over. I recently picked up Marie Claire's issue featuring the latest winner (Gretchen Jones), her model muse and a sample of outfits from her winning line.
I really liked her collection - chevron patterns, earth tones, rich textures, but what I was really taken with was the color of her lips- a nice vibrant orange. Apparently, Gretchen Jones rarely strays from her favorite lip rouge: MAC's So Chaud (below). It reminded me to switch things up and bring out my deeper corals and orangey reds (much to the dismay of my husband who likes his ladylove more natural-hued).

As of late, J. Crew seems to be styling their models with brighter orange lips. It's not a look for the faint of heart or those who can't be bothered to reapply.
As for the magic of all of this: this new year has brought long days to my desk (hence the recent break in posting). I'm working a lot and later these days and the punchier pouts help make me feel less...well, blah. If you ask me, that's well worth the effort. XO