Running LA

My Mr. W is once again running the LA Marathon. Seems there's a lot of interest since they changed the race course. I never thought about it until Mr. W told me: running through a city is one of the best ways to see a city - you have full use of streets that you'd never be able to run on most other days!

These photos on the LA Marathon site show just a few reasons why LA is one of the best cities. Ever.

Dodger Stadium - where the run began last year.

A vision to behold from the ground and above: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA.

Align Center
Our very own neighborhood: Echo Park among the city's giants.

I think this is Hollywood Blvd.

Of course, no tour of Los Angeles is complete without the Hollywood Stars.

All you runners (bless you!) should register ASAP, if you haven't already. Word is, space is running out fast! (no pun intended) XO