i ALWAYS wear (insert signature piece here)

I used to think I was a necklace girl - one of those ladies who wears the same simple chain with a teensy little token every, everyday. So regularly that people would come to know it as a "me" thing.

Trouble is I never stick with anything long enough to call it signature. I get bored. So I wear all sorts of jewelry, sometimes. And sometimes it's resin, sometimes precious, sometimes colorful, sometimes dainty, sometimes Joan Collins from Dallas, et cetera. Commitment issues?

Well, ever since I saw this photo below (via St. Kilda Jewelry blog), I've been looking for a simple heavy link bracelet to wear sometimes (even though I take off my wrist jewelry when I type for long periods).

I just found this really cool bracelet from Giles & Brothers Co. It's got arrows! so it could be my next signature - er, high impact? piece in to wear, in rotation. XO