Poured Over

Lately, I've been going to FIX for my morning coffee.

I take that back.

I'll go when I'm treating myself. For the most part, I make my own and take it on the road in my pretentious Intelligentsia coffee tumbler.

BUT, I do love the way they grind the beans specifically for my order. Then they temper the hot water kettle before filling it with hot water for my coffee and prep the coffee filter with a first pass of hot water before filling it with grounds and pouring the hot water from the kettle. The whole process takes all of 2 - 3 minutes. Which is nice. It gives me a moment to savor life in my neighborhood and listen to ragtime, when they're playing it on the PA.

Read more about the pour-over method here. XOXO

While at FIX over the weekend, I ran into The Flashdance. He gave me a tip on another eastside place to try - Proof, he says their coffee is solid and bonus: they make all their baked goods in house.

Photo from the NY Times