A Man's Life In Downtown LA

So this is Troy's place. Not really the whole place, but a lot of little places in the space that inspire visitors to stop and look or study. Troy has amassed a great collection of some special pieces over the years and the whole thing just comes together in a way that's so uniquely and personally him.

A Snap-On Cabinet which has a working lock.

My favorite detail of the cabinet.

Train horns! No joke.

An antique factory cart now used as a coffee table.

What would you call this? A hammering table? It's a pedestal table covered in fabric and stuffed with what felt like sand. Troy made it himself and uses it to, um, hammer and pound things on.

An anvil.
Because what industrial home space is complete without one? It probably serves some highly functional purpose too.

Spare parts and handle bars, because Troy is always working on his bikes.

One of his bikes in front of his canvas tent bedroom.