Troy's Birthday Party

Saturday night, one of my best friends Troy Morris hosted his own birthday party at his downtown loft. There was pizza, bourbon & beer, birthday cake and new friends, in an incredible industrial space (which is so awesome, but it deserves a post of its own. More on that later!).

Here's the birthday cake we brought from Daisy Mae Sweets & Treats!
A luscious Chocolate Sea Salt Cake (with caramel and fleur de sel).

Mr. W and the birthday boy relax and have a pre-party drink before the crowds arrive.

OK this is a sneak peek, but this industrial coffee grinder is just one of the beautiful elements in Troy's space.

Middle shelf (OK who put the Scotch Whisky on the Bourbon bar)?

Another beautiful vignette.

The beautiful Booker's Bourbon that Mr. W and I brought. This one knocked my socks off! Sweet, smooth and extremely warming.

The photo booth backdrop.
I thought I knew Troy so well, but he really surprised and amazed me with his artful approach to decorating. This is a beautiful installation.

Mr. W says "To the sweet burns of the trails gentlemen!"

Um. Not sure what look I'd call this, but check out at Shepard's ripped OBEY poster.

Troy looks so happy here. Makes me happy!

End of the night. Last of the pizza, which was excellent and from Toddy G's just up the street from Troy's. My favorite was the square Sicilian Cheese, but the Meat Jesus was pretty novel and carnivorous - and there some really great offerings from that relatively new pizza shop.

Happy Birthday Troy! Many more memories and adventures this year and in the future! XOXO