¡Viva La Spring!

The other day I found myself wearing a mix of coral, cream and kelly green. I stopped into Starbucks on my way to work and felt I needed to throw on a black coat! Everyone was still in their winter darks. Fashion faux pas? Afterall, it is earlt February, or maybe I'm just excited for Spring- I am.

I recently saw an issue of The Nest a saw the duo of Emersonmade featured in it. I did not know the line was owned/produced by a married couple or that the model was the designer herself! Very cool.

It reminded me to check out the site to see what's new. The new stuff isn't helping me stick to a winter palette. See below.

I love the contrast of the lapel in this cream linen jacket.

I haven't worn denim shorts in forever. I would wear these.

I like the mix of sport and classic in these trousers.

And the little clutch with the dogs on it. I'm a sucker for animal prints.