Currently Craving

It's always toward the end of the week when I get a hankering for something delicious and bad for me. For most of the week I'm really good and following the principles of a slow-carb diet.

It can be hard, but I motivate myself this way: I'm an athlete, in my own right. I might not run for miles, or compete in MMA, but I need to eat the right sort of foods to keep my brain and energy in tip top shape for all those...meetings.

Whatever. At least it works, for now. It still doesn't stop me from dreaming about food! Some days it's cheap cake with extra sugary icing and lots of it. Other days its nachos with freshly fried chips and cheese sauce tinged with jalapenos. Oh that's so bad.

Today it's bread. All sorts of bread. Fresh-baked baguettes with cold butter and sea salt. A whole wheat round studded with raisins and walnuts served with cheese. Donuts (churros, cake, raised). Plain white bread (with no nutrients) with creamy peanut butter and cherry preserves! I haven't thought about it much at all.

Some other contenders via Tasteologie (why do I torment myself so?):

Yeast Doughnuts from Whisk Kid

Another delectable donut, this time Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache and Pistachios from Vanilla Sugar

I want to eat this whole bakery in Mexico City from Eat. Live. Travel. Write.