Vintage Bombshell at Dior Spring

Despite the current Galliano controversy, the Dior Spring collection was, by far, one of my favorites. With the Bettie Page bangs, bright eyes and lips and candy shop colored frocks - it just makes me smile. Rolling my bangs under might be a tad too costume-y, but hot rollers are classic!

Some of my favorites looks:

Just really, really pretty. Pink and ruffles.

This shade of purple is probably my favorite color for Spring (especially with coral).

Fuschia. Though not my go to,
when done right it's so feminine.

Yellow feels so rich.
I think of canaries and island birds with this gown.

This floaty frock feels more subdued and much easier to wear than the two colors above.

Would you call this coral?
Vermillion is also a beautifully graphic and underutilized word.

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