A Real Average Banquet

As I wrote last week, the Real Average FC season has come to an end (but a new one is just around the corner). We had a classic end of season banquet - at Round Table Pizza (home of the last honest Pizza). Some fun photos from the festivities.

Players at their WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) enjoying the overall splendor.

These players were still not over their disappointing loss.
Cheer up - there's beer!

This a post ceremony shot (see below for shots from the awards ceremony) but as you can see from Matt's expression, he was beyond happy with his win.

More of the team + WAGs.
That is a massive pizza in the corner!

The crowd settles down for the awards ceremony.

Coach Bryan looked very official in his suit. He opens with a very sobering speech about their season end, but looks forward with optimism.

Matt wins for his overuse of 'Kitten Gloves' during game play.
Yes there's a typo in the certificate. Just one way we continue to keep it ave.

Nick for most reliable score.

D-Flo for his wide-eyed approach to the game.
Ironically, Coach Bryan blinked in this shot.

Someone who shall remain nameless rec'd the MIA award.
Funny because he wasn't there!

'Silent but deadly' went to our new goalkeeper.
He has reason to be silent - he's a thoughtful neurology PhD candidate by day.

Turned that frown upside down!
Colin couldn't be happier about keeping it average.

Success in soccer must run in their family.
Colin's brother Kyle came in fresh this season and got 'Rookie of the Year.'

And with no competition, Bryan bestowed upon himself the award of "Coach of the Year."
Unfortunately we didn't get it together to give him a gift card to Big5 or something like that. There's always next season!

Funniest (for me) was that I volunteered to snap photos during the award ceremony.
I'm nerdy like that! It seemed especially fitting to receive the WAG of the year award.
I was privileged to be in the company of such stellar competition!

Next season, gotta step up my game and start bringing half time oranges and post-game treats! XO