Spring Celebration in STL

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Mr. W, ND and I went to St. Louis for the weekend. There were lots of surprises to say the least! A few good ones: a birthday cake for Mama W and little bunny cakes for the kiddos.

One of my favorite surprises wasn't really a surprise at all. I haven't dyed eggs in awhile and the kiddos are a little older so I thought the egg-related things were behind us. But I'm so glad we dyed eggs (and set the kiddos loose with an egg hunt), it was so much fun!

We used basic food coloring, hot water and vinegar and we got creative with crayons, paper towels and double dipping. I really love the way our eggs came out - very organic looking! More of the masterpieces below.

jagged lines + outer space

water color drips

double-dipped scribbles

breathtakingly beautiful

another shot of the outer space one.
i was completely mesmerized by this egg!