A little Saturday shopping

I woke up sort of in a panic on Saturday morning. I thought it was Sunday. I then quickly realized I took Friday off for a friend's wedding in Palm Springs, which was beautiful by the way! More on that another time.

I met up with my friend Fern and we went downtown for an overcast brunch then stopped in at some of our favorite boutiques on the Eastside. This is what happens when Mr. W is away - there are shopping sprees to pay!

We stopped in at Vivier and Bentley -
the newly opened Silverlake outpost which carries Clare Vivier's bags.
Mr. W didn't know it at the time, but has since consented to giving me this bright blue foldover clutch for Mother's Day.
It's the most enchantingly insane blue ever!

These I purchased for myself:
Minnetonka moccasins in grey suede.
I've been looking for a driving moc for my daily drive (it's a long way).
These will definitely help me be a more responsive driver.

My new favorite scented candle.
Rush of Rose by Votivo.
Never thought I'd peg myself for a rose lady,
but it's so fresh and green! So Spring.

And a very special guest: Owen, Sophia's little frenchie, was all love at LA Mill.

(side note, I do not like almond milk in my coffee, neither does Fern)