Sunday Morning

With Mr. W out of town, yesterday morning I indulged myself. Well, not really. It's just that he usually says "no" when I suggest going out for a coffee and a little breakfast bite - he's just not much of a breakfast person.

Nicky and I weren't in the mood for anything too big and I wanted to go somewhere I can't normally get to during the week (unless I want to be super late for work!). So where did we go?

Well, Proof was actually our second stop. First, we went to Family Pastry in Chinatown to pick up a sesame ball (two). These sesame encrusted, sweet bean-filled treats might sound/look weird, but they remind me of dim sum on Sundays with my parents. I'm sentimental about food.

At Proof, Nicky selected a ham and cheese croissant. He's a savory kiddo. Seriously, they have some of the best pastries in LA and they're baked on the premises!