Savoring Summer

Wow has time flown by. Instead of enjoying this season, I've been treated to loads and loads of work, indoors. Thank goodness I like what I do! I have been trying to get out and enjoy the awesome weather - but as we all know, it can be tough. Some highlights of the last week:

  • Red Lion Tavern for a summer dinner of fish and chips and beer!

  • A business brunch on Saturday at The Village Idiot (no beer,but totally should have).

  • A lunch at The Bucket - rock and roll with a charbroiled burger, al fresco.

  • Grilling in the backyard (though I almost burned down the house, no joke).

  • And in honor of the True Blood season premiere, I made my husband Crawfish Monica, which was pretty close to the kind he gets at Jazz Fest, minus the sand and grit of the festival!

By the looks of this list, I'm doing a decent job of savoring the season. Hope you're enjoying your Summer so far! XO

Ps. 100 Peruvian Lilies from my super sweet husband, just because.