Summertime - it's July!

Contrary to this song title, this summer has been anything but sleepy.

I wish I had more time to do the things that make me happy outside of work. I miss blogging. I miss Pinning. I miss mentally logging things to share. But alas tis the season of work, at least this year anyway!

I've had small adventures - a unintentionally long drive up PCH for some seafood by the shore, we rode the Metro train to Hollywood to catch Hall and Oates, yes that Hall and Oates! afterwhich the Mister and I made new friends, whose names I've already forgotten, at Powerhouse, I befriended a neighborhood stray who may just call my mom's home - home and we got a teensy bit patriotic for the holiday earlier this month.

Albeit small, I'll take my adventures anyway I can get them!

How is Summer going for you? Hope you are enjoying the fair weather and the fair food and company which usually accompanies the season. XOXO