Biscuit Shout Out

As most of you know, I like my carbs, mostly in the form of bread. Of course I love my Brussels sprouts , brown rice and things of that healthful nature, but that's a different sort of affection...

Probably one of my most favorite bread items is a buttermilk biscuit. Done right. Which is hard to find in LA. I feel like I've blogged about this before.

There's just something so solid, so comforting about a piping hot flaky disc which conceals a tender and buttery crumb. A meal in itself with some butter and marmalade, or a very simple sandwich with thin slices of Virginia ham (miss my dad's version).

Photo above + technique from Gilt Taste

Photo above and more helpful tips from NY Times

Most times I think its overindulgent to fill perfection for a breakfast sandwich, but this one looks delicious!

Photo and recipe from Seven Spoons