Bridal Shower Loveliness

This past weekend I was lucky enough to co-host my dear friend Stephanie's bridal shower at our house. Erin of OBEY Clothing and Sonja of PCP were my co-hostesses with the mostest(-ess).

The theme was an afternoon Italian feast (Steph is 1/2 Italian). I didn't plant the cypress trees you see in the distance, but they fit right in!

Large tables for that family feel.

Fresh flowers, satsuma mandarins piled high, cannolis (and cream puffs) from Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, Pellegrino...

More fresh flowers, assorted Italian meats and cheeses, roasted red peppers, olives, bread and a delicious arugula salad (oh and a caprese salad with burrata cheese not pictured).

Erin wrote dish names on the butcher paper for that authentic touch.

Lovely handmade notebooks were parting gifts from the bride to be.

Close up of a plate, because you have to have one.

Birds-eye view.

Games. So much fun!

Lots of wine, Prosecco and artisanal sodas rounded us out.

Thankful for the fair weather, but it did get a little chilly toward the end of the party. We brought out blankets to keep us warm while we swooned and hollered (by candle and string lights) during the gift opening phase. Ladies can get rowdy!

Such a beautiful party for a beautiful friend. Can't wait for the big day Steph! Love you.

PS. I did buy the Lemon Meringue cake from Proof - layers of chiffon cake, lemon curd, with toasted meringue frosting and sprinkles of pomegranate - a nice and light cake for an occasion like this.

All photos by Sonja Teri (except for the birds-eye shot taken by me)