Every celebration needs some sort of cake.

So what is it with Wednesday's being National _______ Days? Yesterday was National Margarita Day.  I didn't celebrate. Next Wednesday is National Pancake Day (or is it the end of National Pancake Week?).

Whatever the reason, I love pancakes and I plan to celebrate (likely at dinner time- the reason will be self evident below).

I'm very particular about my pancakes.  They need to be fluffy with a mottled and webbed toast on the exterior (if that makes sense). I don't mind a little crisp edges, but not greasy and not crunchy.  Secretly, I would really like to order a tall stack,  like six pancakes tall. And eat the whole thing. By myself, no judgment.  I like to keep my pancakes simple. No fruit, no whipped cream, no crazy special additions.  Just simple cakes, real maple syrup and a cold pat of salted butter.

Is that possible?  Of course I'd need to nap afterwards.  That's what carbs do.

Recipe and photo from HERE.
Recipe and photo from HERE.
I like whole wheat versions too.  Recipe and photo from HERE.