Scenes from this weekend

Last week was rough - with me under the weather and keeping the whole house awake with my coughing. So this weekend was decidedly low key. I can't even remember what we did Friday night! Saturday was a lot of errand running and then band rehearsal.
The band sounds really good! I'm still working on playing in front of people. What often happens is that I'm fine playing alone or in front of Mr. W, but when Todd and Rachel come around I sort of get amnesia.

Here are some shots from rehearsal. Mr. W was amazed that I could play, take photos and text at the same time. It wasn't very smooth. But I take my photo-journalist roles very seriously!




Mr. W <3

You can't really see in the photo below, but that's Troy and Vida visiting us after rehearsal.
Gave us a reason to try out our chiminea and drink more beer.

Oh and I got a hair cut on Sunday.
I've now had it short for a few months, but I added the bangs.
(sorry for the self portrait, but Mr. W unable to take my photo at the time)

Happy Monday! XO