Trolling for Valentines on Etsy

I know all the craziness around February 14 day is just manufactured to get people to spend more money BUT you have the admit, the day's sentiment is a nice one.  It's a nice occasion to tell someone you are intrigued, interested, smitten, head over heels, in like or in love with him/her!

And sometimes we need that little push outside of our comfort zone to make the magic happen.  Even if you've been with someone awhile, it's always nice to hear the good stuff!

Some fun and unique cards over at Etsy to boldly carry your message! XO

Sass and Peril: Happy Love Day

Sweetperversion: For Like Evah

Dingbat Press: Darth Vader

Seasandpeas: I love you even though you're mean to me all the time

Black Baroque: Valentine's Day Art Print

Texas Girl Designs: Tandem Bicycle Art Print

The Little Canoe: Mister Mister Print

Ashley Pahl arrow cut-out card