Hello Monday.

 Last week I started taking my classes at 6am (a new offering that I'm so thrilled about) so I can free up my weekend mornings for other fun stuff - like sleeping in, making breakfast, morning walks.  

This past weekend was one of the first that I actually started feeling like myself again.  Nicky and I watched a lot of Planet Earth, we did some cooking and I had the most amazing massage (I think my new favorite) with bride to be Stephanie. Mr. W and I even fit in a walk (see photo above) and band rehearsal!

So much good stuff I was sort of sad to see it end.

I was inspired by this post to make some delicious Buttery Tomato Pasta (so easy and so, so delicious!) and homemade pizzas using this really easy recipe from Bon Appetit.  All you need is 4 ingredients (water is one) and about 18+ hours of rise time.  Definitely two recipes I'll make again.

The pasta - with a small dollop of Ricotta Fresca and fresh basil.

This pizza looks upside-down.  But it's topped with yukon gold potatoes, rosemary, olive oil and ricotta.

This pizza looks upside down too.  It's topped with yellow zucchini, basil, olive oil and ricotta.

Margherita - with heirloom tomato, basil, olive oil and fresh mozzarella.

This was a BBQ/Buffalo Chicken concoction topped with veggie buffalo wings, garlic, shallots, basil, BBQ sauce and fresh mozzarella.

How embarrassing that I didn't get photos of the pizzas when they came out of the oven?  We were so excited to eat them (I mean really, we did wait all that time for the dough to get ready), that we got carried away.  Trust us, they looked delicious!

Here's to a a great week ahead. XO