A March Madness Weekend

Had a little extended weekend to celebrate the nuptials of dear friends in Palm Springs.  The weather was perfect and it was a lovely relaxed wedding filled with laughter and great friends.

We headed home on Saturday and by the evening rain had arrived.  Mr. W and I stocked up on produce for part of the week's breakfasts and had visions of going to the movies, but alas we're not the party people we used to be.

The Sunday downpour made for a very Seattle-feeling brunch with one of my besties, John, at Short Order @ the Farmer's Market (love that place!).  

How delicious John's eggs benny looks!

And I'm a sucker for quality tots.  These had fresh, flash-fried herbs sprinkled atop.

Yes, we were fat kids.  We had the fried potatoes too.

And I didn't even mention the return of Mad Men <3.  That show definitely refreshes those who work in the industry. Ahhh.  I could have definitely used another day to prep for the week, but that's a sign of a full life, right?  Have a great week!  XOXO