Musing of the Morning: The Rub

Have you heard that expression? It's only recently that I really put thought into its meaning.  To give proper credit, I heard our Chief Creative Officer say it while in a meeting.

I thought: what an odd thing to say - though I marginally understood what he meant.

Then I was explaining something slightly complex - and I said it.  And only then did the simple gravitas of the remark hit me. Two things, at odds, coming right up against each other and staying there.  One can't exist without the other. "The rub" is the glue that binds - or the friction (hence the term)...duh! And then I saw it in everything:

  • A job I like a lot with a long commute. 
  • Potentially achieving a New Year's Resolution by going to my excruciating classes at Pop Physique (or some other form of torture).
  • The great feeling of Green Lemonade but abandoning my beloved coffee in the morning.
  • The cuddliness of a child and dogs, with the clean up and disciplinary duties.
  • Having a place to call home, but having to spend countless hours outside of it in order to keep it.

"The Rub" is just code for life when you really think about it.

Am I getting a little St. Exupery on you?  I almost think I should be sitting by a fire looking closely and intently at my hands thinking - whoa, I'm alive!  Sort of.  It was just one of those moments I said "a ha!" and I liked it.  XO

Photo above taken by Nicholas, in Los Angeles.