Food, Glorious Food.

You are about to see the makings for a very busy eating weekend - it was a very locavore weekend.

FRIDAY. The Avo & Fries at Mohawk Bend.  It almost felt like I was at carnival, it was so much fried goodness on my plate.

Later that day, we finally made the journey to The Pie Hole.  Where we sampled not one, but three of their pies.  Emphasis on sampled - could not eat a whole slice (in one sitting). I mean I could, but let's be real - there's a whole lot of self-restraint I need to be practicing these days!

A cool Maple Custard.

Chocolate Crostini with a bottom layer of Sea Salt and Caramel.

Mac & Cheese Savory Hand Pie.  I detected a hint of jalapeno swirling about the shell pasta inside.

SATURDAY. An early morning jaunt to Proof with Nicholas.  Seriously, their quiche is one of the last temptations I can wave in the kid's face to get him up early on a Saturday morning.  I've raised quite the foodie.  And I'm noticing a trend of me consuming food in a pastry shell (or some sort of shell).

Later that day - a beautiful bridal shower for one of my most favorite people: Jeanette!  Check out the lovely platter of cheese bearing some very helpful handmade flags.

And more dessert - this time from SusieCakes.  Some American-style baked goods: sweet vanilla layer cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Butter bombs  (not what they're called, but they were Peanut Butter cookies with Peanut Butter Cream sandwiched in between) and petite Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes.

So much food! A few meals missing from this post: green juice with some watermelon, a Chipotle Vegetarian sausage sandwich at Wurstkuche, a home cooked dinner of pan roasted halibut with cherry tomatoes, lemon and parsley and a little cooking frenzy that ensued on Sunday night (vegetable lasagna and a carrot cake).  I know I went a little crazy.

Did someone say Summer (swimsuit season) is coming?  Eeps.  Better stick to my juice for the rest of the week!

PS. Writing this post made me think a lot about this POST - which got me thinking about how I think about food. Such a complex relationship we have.