Pop Physique now on DVD

I've been going to Pop Physique since last Fall and I love it, but I'm not going to lie.

It is HARD work.  The simplest movements can be torture when done in a series of similarly simple moves, arms and legs shake (at first I was embarrassed, but the instructors tell me that's what I want) and the Child's Pose feels extra great after a particularly brutal session and sometimes you just want to stay there.

It's hard, but it's totally worth it.  I've noticed changes in my posture, better tone/definition and I feel great.   Which is the most important part, right?

Well, the folks at Pop Physique just released a series of DVDs.

If you don't have a Pop Physique near you, you travel a lot or you just don't like working out in front of people (I know the feeling) - I highly recommend!

Available on AMAZON.

Photos from Pop Physique