Shame, shame.

Art by Jack Greer. Poster available at Poster Child Prints

Do you have those days where you have every intention of eating well (as in: all your veggies, all that water and not much else) and then somehow it snowballs into that scene in Scarface where Al Pacino is sitting in front of that mound of white, except it's sugar and not the other thing?

It rarely happens all at once.  It's more's like a cookie here, a chocolate mini there and by the time dinner hits, you're disgusted with yourself, not to mention energy-less - a lot of it driven my mindless stress-eating. Yesterday was that day - I wanted to press rewind a few times and wished there were a few more hours so I could repent via a good sweat.

No amount of self-loathing is going to change all the above.  I know there are much worse things  besides eating a few calorie-dense morsels here and there (really everywhere).

Moral of the story is: tomorrow is the start of a new day to be and do better.  Learn from the guilt and move on!