To Play Croquet

So I think I'm into croquet.

I have to play it a few more times, to really make the claim, but we did this past weekend and it was a blast!

I've been studying my backyard to see if I can host tournaments at home.  Our yard may be too small, but I definitely want to invest a set and maybe a personalized mallet?  Yes, definitely.

Eventually, I'll have to invest in my croquet uniform. It's a must for every serious athlete.  I'm told I get very "into" the game - I get low to the turf, swing liberally with either my left or right (depending on the angle) and I'm more into getting through the wickets than I am hitting players off course (I'm sure there will be times).  Point is, my outfit will have to move with me and help me look "serious" - competition is a mind game after all and intimidation works.

Some starting thoughts.
Shades for maximum visibility in the late afternoon (Madewell)

A classic pullover to transition into Fall.  (Sonya Rykiel Intarsia Raccoon Sweater)

Pants, no skirts - to keep it classy and an ankle length is key. (J.Crew jacquard capris )

Maybe not sneakers.  Something a bit more refined - like a lace up oxford. (Marni - Metallic Brogues)

And of course, a cocktail to refresh and sustain throughout the game.
Something a littler herbacious, made with Lillet - perhaps the Lillet Sin?