New things.

Awesome photo from random Google image search

Today I got up at 5.30a and hauled my behind to Orange County, where I work, far, far away from my comfortable warm bed in Echo Park.

See, I just joined a gym yesterday (online too - so easy, right?).  I've never been a gym person - I've always favored taking classes and long walks on the early side of the AM, around Silverlake Reservoir followed by coffee and some delicious baked good at a neighborhood spot, and by the time that's done...whoa, look at the time!

Obviously that routine is hard to do with great regularity.

I actually liked getting a jump on the day this morning.  I felt so motivated, I think I did a karate chop then skipped my usual coffee and ordered oatmeal with almonds, soy milk and NO sugar.  Crazy? I think so. This is going to be interesting.

Happy Monday!