Luxe camping, there is such a thing.

When I was planning our wedding, I thought - it would be such a cool idea to rent out a camp ground and set up tents - not the Coleman kind, but the type you'd see on safari.  Okay, I know - crazy, but hear me out:

  • Heavy cream-colored canvas
  • Exchanging stories around a campfire
  • Pendleton blankets
  • Leisurely cookouts of artisanal sausages, cassoulet, grilled pizzas (just because you're camping, doesn't mean you shouldn't eat well!)
  • Requisite hot cocoa and s'mores
  • Forest flowers and pine cones
  • Long picnic tables for the celebratory dinner under some very old trees and under a sparkling night sky
  • Dressing like wood nymphs and passing around a flask of bourbon

Okay, maybe not that last bit (hey why not???), but it could be a really cool way to celebrate with friends and family who are brave enough to rough it for a couple of days, don't you think?

Even if you don't agree, I just discovered a company based in San Francisco called Shelter Co. that can make that dream come true. And if a campground wedding still doesn't appeal to you, hire them to set up a camping (or glamping) trip with some style!

Photos from Shelter Co. and check out their tumblr for more outdoorsy inspiration awesomeness- HERE.