Good reason to be happy this Monday morning.

My husband and I have been sentimental about New Orleans lately and thinking about an upcoming trip there. And then I realized this morning that Mardi Gras is upon us (tomorrow is Fat Tuesday)!

If I had time to bake, I'd make my own King Cake. And I still might as I've been wanting to get really good at baking brioche (it seems to be the base of most sweet breakfast breads of my Filipino/Spanish heritage).

Instead I'm ordering a few from a local cuban bakery: Porto's and it's sure to be amazing.  I seriously could eat EVERYTHING in their bakery cases, no joke.

Isn't that the point of tomorrow anyway, to go a little wild before some self-imposed austerity measures?  Laissez les bon temps roulez!

photo from Porto's

A little trivia: the founder of the bakery started her business working out of her home in Silverlake and had a little bakery for awhile in Echo Park.