Making My Life Easier Essentials

The last few weeks, I've been tested.  Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.   

You see, we've been remodeling our kitchen and it is NOT easy trying to eat healthy out of bins stacked in our living room.  Basically, 80% of what I've been eating has been a huge nutritional failure.  I can now provide expert advice on what needs to be done to big pizza chain pies to make them taste better, whose got better jalapeños and what do you know: I actually like Little Caeser's.  I've steered clear of KFC because of that whole gov't shutdown/FDA inspector situation.  So I guess you can say, I've been a little bit healthy.  

Anyway, I've come to appreciate things I consider essentials - through this ordeal.  Here's a quick round up:

Vitamin C.  

It's a good thing.  Especially in the form of Mandarins (I got a bag of them from Trader Joe's).  It's helped me satisfy a sweet tooth when the craving hits and fights Scurvy. WIN! 

Said Mandarins.  If you can't tell, I've artfully fashioned them into a heart, because that's how much I love them.

A quiet place to work. 

Oh, this one's a biggie.  When I realized I'd have all these handy men in my home, at first I was excited.  Then I realized how noisy they were being and how hard they made it for me to get on conference calls and hear myself think (mucho importante because my thoughts tend to whisper).  The quiet, and a clean surface on which to work.  Highly underrated! 


Shhhhh! I'm working.

Real utensils. 

Are you that person that washes plastic utensils to minimize your carbon footprint or just to save money?  Yeah, that was me for the first few days and then I thought...this is crazy.  I almost unpacked everything to find my real flatware - because, let's face it:  Cutting into a lovely crusty baguette so you can eat the lovely cheese that you just bought from Whole Foods, is challenging!  Needless to say, there have been a lot of hand-torn baguettes in my life (isn't that what breaking bread really means?) and crumbs.  Crumbs everywhere! 

I don't care how fun your colors are! You're just not cutting it.  Literally.

Radiation Box. 

I mean, Microwave!  We sort of swore up and down that we wouldn't be nuking our food anymore, for health reasons!  And especially after we upgrade our kitchen.  But you know what?  The toaster oven takes way too long to heat up soup!  So into the microwave it went.  And it was hot and delicious - and just right for the not-so-chilly fall nights in LA.    But still we're breaking up when the kitchen is complete.  

Photo and recipe for this Green Chili Chicken Posole soup from Food52.

We're super excited about the kitchen progress and rearranging things around the house to maximize our limited space.  Photos to come! XO