Hello & Welcome!

I thought it was about time to step into "official" territory.  It is Spring after all, and newness* abounds!

First, I've got a new URL (finally reflecting my married name, a few years overdue, but hey. YAY!). And now, a new place to host my site.

I transferred all my Love, JD blog content here, but please excuse the reformatting/link errors. I'm currently trying to fix them all!

As for this new site, I'll still feature my favorite finds, food and semi-personal reflections and adventures, BUT in addition to all that good stuff, I have plans for never-before-seen-here! features. Which I guess could be anything - since this is basically a new site.

But you get it. XOXO.

*PS. Speaking of newness, check out the Kangaroo Paws currently flourishing in our backyard. <3