Surprising myself with homemade

Well, I should say: it's not surprising that I cook - I talk about food enough, if I weren't to cook at home I'd be brokety-broke!  But instead of going the route of buying something for my Mom and MIL (Mom-in-law) - I decided, sort of on a whim, to make something myself!

And because we've been getting so much produce from our CSA, I thought I was going to make marmalade, like my favorite preserves shop: Sqirl - the Seville Orange Marmalade to be exact.  Have I mentioned how much more alive my tastebuds are after a taste of that stuff?  It's remarkable!  

But I didn't have Seville Oranges, and I didn't have a copper pot - so I decided on a homemade Nutella, called Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut spread).  

The recipe was from my go-to: Bon Appetit.  I think I may have over roasted the hazelnuts (oops) and I used dark chocolate so it's a little more intense than store bought Nutella, but all-in-all it was surprisingly easy to make!  And the Weck jars with the little orange ring - just made them insta-gift ready!  Voila!

I also bought some fresh Coffee Marshmallows and Vanilla Caramels from Little Flower Candy Company.

The weirdest thing of all is I felt like this was the best gift I've ever given.  I know it's simple and it may not taste perfect (hey, it was my first time) - but there's something about making things for the people you love.

So...fresh of the trend of that success, late last night after all the cooking for my Mom and family, I made something else for someone I love - a Michelada for me.  

Hope you had a great Mom's Day!  XO

PS.  Have you read this review of Gwyneth's new book "It's All Good"? It's a hilarious review, but makes me want to run out and buy the book now!