New House Inspiration

There are lots of things I loved about our old house. The craftsman exterior, the age (probably had stories to tell if it could!) and the open floor plan of the living space.

We're in the home stretch of the escrow process of our next house (knock on wood).  Trying not to jinx anything - but I've been pinning. A lot.  Here's some current inspiration:

The house is somewhat traditional, so for the outside I'd like to feature a modern palette like dark grey siding with copper details.

But in the main living space, we want to open up the ceilings and get light and airy - a little rustic and very California. 

In at least one of the washrooms, I'd like to install dark grey (matte) tiles on the floor.

We're turning one of the current bedrooms into an office/guest room.  I might go crazy and install a Murphy bed! In that room there's a very cool Western mural on the wood floor.  I'd like to build off that and bring in our California flag and Pronghorn Elk taxidermy piece.  Did I mention I've dubbed this The Cabin Room? 

Image on the left via  Maja/For Emma, Forever Ago/Tumblr

Image on the left via Maja/For Emma, Forever Ago/Tumblr


I loved the way our last kitchen came out, but I love the modern, yet classic feel of this heavily pinned kitchen. That gold hardware. That Carrera marble countertop. That green/grey paint on the cabinets. Major eye swoon.

This maybe a phase 2 project, but I'm super excited about transforming the backyard -into a place we can finally have parties (like Friendsgiving or 90s hip hop house parties!?).  We never had backyard privacy in Echo Park, so maybe I'll even do some semi-concealed yoga on the future deck (we're thinking of doing a covered patio extension to the house).