Giving Thanks

A pup waiting for something or someone on Temple Street.

A pup waiting for something or someone on Temple Street.

Last night we were driving around, looking for an under the radar ramen place (the one in our neighborhood is always packed!).  I was thinking about a recent NY Times article about a man who died quietly in his apartment, with no known next of kin and very few, mundane clues about his life.  I remarked to my husband how lucky we are.  He challenged me on this.  After all, we're currently biding our time, between homes, living in a small apartment in a seedy part of town.  We are looking at major renovation (and more time in this small apt) when we finally get into our next house.  We work a lot. We haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks (dogs are exactly like newborns only they stay that way). We're eating out or take out way too much. I could focus on all that (and I sometimes do) - but what good will that do?

We have our health. We have a roof over our heads. We have jobs that allow us some cash in our pockets.  We have the luxury of eating out. We have people who care about us. 

I tend to feel grateful in general. At least I try.  I've got my bad days, my bad moods, my self doubts and doubts about the universe - just like every single person out there.  But being grateful and trying to focus on what we've got - it's the only way to live in this crazy world. Yes, it maybe a coping mechanism, but it sure beats the alternative.

That was echoed again this morning.  I sat in traffic - listening to the radio and this interview came on.  It made me smile. Take a listen and hopefully, it'll do the same for you. XO