Test Driving: The Capsule Wardrobe

We sold our house and the process was a lot faster than we were anticipating.  While we're in escrow (fingers crossed) on our next house, we're in "transitional housing" AKA a studio apartment that we were lucky enough to rent from my uncle who had an available unit in a building he owns.

I like to call it "the studio" because that sounds so: I live downtown and I'm in my early 20s. It also sounds like I might be a struggling artist and I've never been one of those.  Anyway, it didn't make sense for me to bring all my clothes and I, having thought about trying out a capsule wardrobe for sometime, thought: it's now or never!

I don't have any selfies to share, but last week was my first full week and you know what I learned? Black and grey, all the way.  I have some pops of color (orangey red), but I can't really wear those pieces every week.  But black and grey - they slide totally under the radar. People will have no idea tomorrow, if I'm wearing the same outfit from today. Especially if I throw on a different scarf and maybe put my hair up. Right?  

Also, I wore uniforms until college, so this should be easy.  Time will tell. 

PS. I currently have these black/grey pieces in my Zara shopping bag.  If I picked up a new grey and black sweater...I think this will be my easiest fall/winter wardrobe ever. 

All dresses above from Zara