Crystal Crush

Crystals have been an obsession of mine as long as I can remember. I mean, even the word "crystal" is such a cool word, don't you think?

Stone Crystal Prism from  Mystic Prism Studio

Stone Crystal Prism from Mystic Prism Studio

Below is a brief history of my fixation:

  • As a kid, I wanted to change my name to Crystal because if a girl is named Crystal, she is obv awesome and otherworldly.  
  • I'd also spend hours in my front yard getting filthy and weeding through bugs to dig up sparkly quartz rocks for my homemade Thumbelina dioramas.
  • I remember watching the The Dark Crystal and feeling scared and exhilarated.
  • And my mom, very briefly, hosted "crystal" parties where other ladies would get together, gossip, eat and buy sparkly pretties for their homes. If they purchased something, they  received crystal heart-shaped pendants in different colors as a thank you. I would hoard them and examine them closely in my room...for hours! 
  • In middle school, I befriended a girl was into heavy metal and wore Doc Martens and Cowboy boots with thigh-high tights, sometimes with runs in them. She had a collection of quartz pendants she'd wear daily. This was my first real brush with individual style. Like The Dark Crystal, it scared me, but I was intrigued. 

So it's not surprising that this fascination has stuck with me through the years. Lately, I've been going to the House of Intuition in Echo Park to get my crystal fix. If there is something I feel challenged with, a little crystal magic can't hurt + they're nice little objects to rest my eyes on.

Angel Quartz selection at House of Intuition

These are actually soaps from  Beklina ! How cool are they?

These are actually soaps from Beklina! How cool are they?

Oregon Opal from  Opal Auctions

Oregon Opal from Opal Auctions

Geodes via  atlas mountain

Geodes via atlas mountain