Fall Projects

With the beginning of Fall, comes the end of my work travel season.  I am happy to be home for a bit, but after so much time on the road and preparation for projects, I find myself looking for things to fill my time. A few things on my list:

Plan a camping trip.  CA's Central Coast, specifically San Simeon, is looking mighty appealing.  

Do more with friends.  Sunday mornings are the worst for my stir-craziness.  I'm up early and looking for things to do.  I very recently started a Facebook page to organize hikes and outdoor activities with friends that I've been meaning to catch up with.  

Do more good. I have this saying: Use your force for good. I say this when I'm mentoring the newbies at work. I mean it from a career perspective, but also for living life.  I think about the times my schoolmates and I were asked to bring fresh pairs of socks for the care packages we would make for shelters. Socks. So basic and seemingly inconsequential, but so important to the recipient of the package.  When I feel down on myself/life or just bored, it's time to put forth effort in something outside of me. 

Cook at home more. It's so easy to order in.  And so easy to go out for a cup of very nice coffee.  But then I'm looking at my bank statements like...did I really spend that much on food?  I'm challenging myself to cook two "big-pot" meals a week (SOUP!) and looking for a single-serve, grind and brew coffee maker. 

Get back at it!  "It" being a fitness routine.  I was doing so well earlier this year.  And then travel started and eating out, while on the road. My once a week outdoor excursion with friends won't cut it. I'm looking for something that will fit into my commute schedule on a regular basis, that won't break the bank.  Maybe more dog walks. I've been hearing a lot of great reviews from coworkers about ClassPass.