Capsule Add-Ons: & Other Stories

Why have I not known about this brand until very, very recently?  

That's a lie.  I was actually already following them on Instagram, but you know how you see a post that refers to a brand and you like what you see so you follow that brand, but then when you want to go back and explore that brand further, you can't remember what they were called?  Yeah, that happens to me all the time! 

& Other Stories  - I will never forget your name again because OMG!, you're my new capsule wardrobe jackpot!  So many functional, but design-y pieces and very reasonably priced.  Although if you keep placing items in your cart like I just did, it will add up.  Some favorites:

These all happen to be in black - but they have fun prints and other lively colors too.  

PS. And if you're as obsessed about getting focused with a capsule wardrobe as I am, here's a great post about building your own from another one of my favorite brands (and I suspect, yours too!).