Capsule Wardrobe Update

I've been test driving a capsule wardrobe since November.  I didn't really prescribe to a certain number of pieces. In fact, there wasn't much in the way of planning when it happened, only that I was limited to a 4' long clothes rack and 2-1/2 drawers worth of space. Also, in order to fully maximize space, I have a vertical shoe organizer that hangs from the clothes rack, which means I have that much less space for clothes?  What the what?

It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  I have found that I tend to go for the same pieces over and over - usually a soft black tee (I have casual and dressier versions) plus a version of these pants (I have them in different colors) for casual days.  For days when I have client meetings - I'll wear a black skirt or black dressier pants.  I'll pair a black leather jacket, black silk bomber jacket or a sweater with all of the above.  

My palette has been limited to black, grey, khaki/tan and navy/chambray/denim.  Aside from my tan, grey and black shoes, I have a pair of red heels and flats that I occasionally rotate in for a pop of color.   

Things I'd do differently:

I've found that I am lacking in the accessories department.  After reading Emily Henderson's recent post, I am inspired to buy some cooler statement necklaces, some scarves - maybe a cool new hat for weekends.

items above: Vega Jewelry, Zara, Janessa Leone

I also think I need some more dramatic shoes to play up such simple outfits.  

And I have too many plaid button downs - I probably only need 2, when I have about 6. The only plain button downs I have are black and chambray! I regret packing my white button downs, but this is easily remedied! Plus when I get all my clothes back together, one can never have too many white button downs, right?