Almost Home

You know how people say they bought the worst house on the best street? Yeah, I never knew what that meant until we bought our house. Let me explain.

We bought in a highly-desirable area in an LA-suburb (that is not a typo). And really, the only way we could afford to buy into the area without some crazy bidding war, was this under-the-radar house in need of a ton of TLC.  The first time we walked in, we saw that it was not at all move-in ready, but we were excited about the possibilities.  

During our tour of open houses, we saw a lot of sub-par flip jobs and I think I have forehead lines from all the brow-raising I did when questioning (judging) poor design and layout decisions. Turns out, I'm quite particular. And I know that if we paid for a move-in ready place, I'd be looking at all the ways I would re-do things sans budget and driving my poor husband bananas.

Now, after a grueling almost 5-month escrow period, we are able to jangle the keys in front of this place:

It doesn't look terrible here, it looks charming actually! But trust - it's a fixer. And so we begin.

  • I've cranked out so many floorpans in Powerpoint (it's actually a great tool for design moodboards too). 
  • I've pinned. A lot.
  • I've taken the style quiz in Emily Henderson's book (though I'm not 100% sure that my style is Zen).
  • I've had to ignore all the great appliance and furniture sales, hoping they'll come back around when we're ready to buy.
  • As of last week, the house was measured and we're waiting on plans from our draftsman.  I REALLY hope he has patience because I have a feeling I'm going to be a little challenging.  

I know, it sounds like a ton of F-U-N. And it is kind of fun at this moment, but it's also really really scary people! Do I know what I'm doing with tile selections? Will the foundation be OK? How much closet space do we (I) really need? Do we have enough money to do everything we want? Will I be able to fit my chicken coop back there? All to be answered, in due time. Until then, some pinspiration for all of us.

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