Fairview Fixer Progress

Things are slowly progressing on the house.  We haven't quite started with official demo.  Unofficially, we've taken mallets and hammers to things like kitchen cabinets and shelves and already we can see how much more space we'll have.

We hit a few snags with our dream floor plan - namely budget and city codes (such little things, right?) - so we've had to scale back our dreams just a little.  It will still be very awesome. Some new wishes, based on our evolving renovation:

A built-in bench! For all that occasional party seating and reading by big windows.

A small vegetable garden.  We'll have more than enough outdoor space..for things like: breakfast radishes!  I love radishes.  But also things like herbs, zucchini, cucumbers, et cetera.

To carry on the theme about outdoor spaces and gardens let's talk about the elephant in the room.  Chickens.  I've been wanting to keep them for awhile. Fresh eggs and watching chickens flit about is my idea of a good time.  

Finally, I've been looking up a bunch of gates for a small courtyard we're building out in the front.  We were hoping to push the entry out and gain some square footage - but alas, we didn't have the funds and with the increase, we would have had to build a garage (right now we've got a carport).  I'd like to have a gate that isn't too scrolly or girly, but incorporates a fleur de lis here and there.  Not as a grand as this reference and not even the right architectural style of our home - but I like the idea of an arbor for some meandering vine.