More Fairview Fixer Progress

Late last week, we officially started demo and some construction - and it's been a mad dash since. We plan to move in at the end of May!  Parts of the house will still be under construction, but we're OK with that. Check out the progress:

EXTERIOR. First thing to come off was an odd porch cover (connected the two gables). With that gone, the entrance feels so much more open and inviting. I kind of like how the sun hits the porch in this photo. We plan to replace some of the bad siding, apply fresh paint, get a new front door and windows and redo the porch platform and steps. Eventually that metal fence will change, for now it stays.

FRONT BEDROOM. This was the only room to have an actual closet. And it looks like this room used to be the garage. We're keeping it as a bedroom (for Nicholas) and it will remain a step-down to keep the ceilings high. We'll cover up that cute floor (cowboys aren't his thing), build out a nice big closet, new walls and make it look like an Undefeated store (he wishes).

HALLWAY BATHROOM. This one is getting a cool fish scale tile on the floor, simple subway tile in the shower and a nice light fixture from Schoolhouse Electric. We're going black/white with our bathrooms and adding some nice design details so it's not completely boring. Did I mention that bathrooms are A LOT of work to design? You can really overthink EVERYTHING.

ENTRANCE. Like I mentioned, we'll be changing the front door. We'll see about opening up the ceiling and knocking out the wall to the right. I'd like to do a little console table to the left of the door as a drop for keys and mail (and some fresh flowers) and a mirror for that last look before facing the world!

KITCHEN/LIVING SPACE. That middle wall between the two Steves is totally a pain in our wallets. It's load bearing, which means we have to reinforce the structure to make this a more open floorpan. But the heart wants what it wants - so insert flying-stack-of-cash-emoji here.

DEN/GUEST BEDROOM. Here's a pano from the corner of the current living room. We're basically cutting this room in half - crosswise, getting rid of that fireplace (it's not to code) and putting in a laundry closet and a new full bath. That doorway on the far right was probably the original entry way. We'd like to salvage that door - it has some charming details. And finally...

MATILIJA POPPIES. It's a weird word to type - just looking at it makes me dizzy, but who cares - aren't they beautiful? When we bought the house, they were just a leafy shrub, My husband actually thought it was an out-of-control weed, but I knew better (the owner told me what they were). I could hardly wait for them to bloom. We drove up to the house this past weekend and I squealed with delight when I saw all those fried eggs.