Summer So Far

It's been some time since the last update on house progress.

Yes, work's been busy. Yes, GOT has me reading every fan theory on the interweb. And YES, the last few days have been hot as Hades in Los Angeles. But we've also been stalled in the renovation process.  The city has us moving things here and there and money feels like it's just flying out of our pockets. The silver lining is we're in our place (technically, we're living out of one room and bathroom) and we're feeling a bit more grounded.  

And BIG news. I think I've finally won the pool or no pool battle at home! I'm not asking for much really, just a modest-sized watering hole.  A pool project is more like a phase 3 for us, but it's still nice to look! Some musings:

  • It's important to have a lot of sun where the pool will be - but how lush and dreamy does this pool look?
  • Maybe it's on-trend, but I'm really liking the simplicity of a rectangular pool.
Found this and a lot of pin worthy pools  here .

Found this and a lot of pin worthy pools here.

  • Mmmhmm. Definitely rectangular, with the right ratio of green to hardscape.  And maybe a tanning ledge, for my dogs. Everyone knows tanning is so bad for you. I mean, I would lay on that ledge too of course, because I don't like my dogs to be lonely. It's also the perfect place to lounge in the water and have a cold beer or cocktail or both. Unless you have a pizza-shaped floatie, then by all means, use that.
  • Speaking of lounging, how amazing would it be to doze off in the shade, wake up and dive into your pool? Then repeat that cycle like 50 times in one day. Heaven on earth.
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