Bringing The House Down

There have been many a night that I put the whole house to sleep with my piano musings. Which is a pretty big change since I never used to play in front of anyone. Something happens when people are around - I forget how to play songs, the keys are foreign to me. You could say I have a slight case of stage fright.

Well, I better get over that ASAP because Mr. W and I are in a band. With another married couple.


I actually don't know how it all came together, but we rehearsed on Saturday night and we all came out of it pleasantly surprised. Here are some shots from rehearsal - in Mr. W's man cave.

Here's where I play.
(Next time I should at least get a finger in the shot, in action!)

Mr. W smiling - like really, truly smiling. I love that.
And I love that polar bear calendar behind him.

Rachel slappin' the bass.
Plus she had on the coolest jacket that night.

Hmm, what's there to say except he's kinda amazingly talented.

More to come. Oh, and here's to living life outside the comfort zone! XO