normal day at the office.

normal day at the office.

I work in brand lifestyle marketing.

I started in Experiential almost by accident.  At the time, the discipline didn’t even have a proper name and most agencies weren’t sure how it fit within the mix. Right out of college, I started working on the Nestle Beverage account with Frankel, I was assigned work on the US launch of the global coffee brand Nescafe which included a few consumer-intercept sampling and co-branded concert programs.  From that point, my interest in the discipline started and live consumer engagement and co-branded partnerships would become ongoing themes in my career.

2003, I joined RPA, to work on Experiential on both Honda and Acura brands. During this time, I managed the Honda Civic Tour and launch programs for Honda Element, Civic and Fit. My work on Acura was focused on identifying and implementing partnerships with music and cultural institutions. The projects I worked on while at RPA enabled me to fine-tune a more sophisticated consumer engagement approach and really channel brands when seeking out partners.

2006, I left the big agency world and worked at a small, creative company with tons of street-cred due to its founder: the artist Shepard Fairey (more on him here). While at Studio Number One I learned the importance of authenticity and worked with some pretty amazing brands such as Dewar'sOBEY Clothing, Nike, Activision, Levi’s, Adidas, record labels and movie studios. I grew business with existing clientele and was involved in onboarding new clients and projects, which enabled the company to double in size. I became a partner within a year. Working at a smaller entrepreneurial company that was able to accomplish big things on a cultural and global scale, was a really inspiring time in my life and continues to inspire me to seek-out personally-fulfilling endeavors.

2010 to 2013, I was the VP, National Account and Brand Experience Director, at the WPP start up: Garage Team Mazda. There I took inventory of the Mazda’s existing Experiential programs, provided evaluations of potential partnerships and created a plan framework from which the actual experiential plan was developed. In addition, I oversaw the development and implementation of a regional activation network, upgraded onsite brand presence, created processes and developed KPIs for programs moving forward.

From 2013 to 2014, I worked at  Rebel Industries as the Group Account Director overseeing all client projects (mostly Gallo Wines and Spirits). During my time at Rebel, I worked on traditional advertising campaign creative and production, developed consumer experiential programs, supervised Account Management teams and pitched New Business.

At the start of 2015, I rejoined my friends at RPA to lead the Experiential efforts there. 

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